Welcome to the homepage of Marc Koschel. I am a
photographer  •  music lover  •  blogger  •  Thinker  •  coffee drinker

Who I Am

I am Marc Koschel. I was born in Mannheim, Germany. After a study visit in Ontario, Canada, I live in Reilingen, Germany in the Rhine Neckar area

I think a lot about all things, especially when listening to music and drinking (too much) coffee or red wine. Then I speak my mind — whether asked or not.

Listening to music is my favorite hobby. I believe that music is the essential thing which unifies all of us human beings. Music plays a major role in all peoples of our earth. Therefore, "I am on the quest for the ultimate song".


What I Do

Photography is my passion. I do also design websites and blog about workflows of processing in digital printing and development of webpages.

I am a Mac freak and love Apple. No matter what others say, I like my Mac for I will work with my computer and not (have to) configure it all the time.


My Work

Here is a selection of my latest works. You can see more pictures on mkPhotographie.

Some of my other projects

My own projects: Music-Knoten (musical knot), Digital Workflows, koschel.eu, mkPhotographie, Meine Fotos (my pictures).

Projects done for friends: Hausärzte am Markt (doctors at the market square), Ferienwohnung Tönning (Accommondation in Tönning, Germany), Mellow Mood, Brühler Bläserakademie (brass band of the town of Brühl)

Say Hello.

If you want to say hello, you can leave me a message or get in contact on social networks.

If you have two apples and get three more, how many pears have you got then?